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Pot Plants Care Tips & Instructions


All of our plants are closely inspected and carefully packaged to ensure that they arrive in the very best condition.

When you receive them, it is best to unpack the box immediately. Removing any plastic wrap and other protective materials from the potted plant or bulb garden.

Check the soil for moisture and water as needed. After only a couple of days in a sunny bright position your plant or bulbs will resume growth.

General Indoor Plant Care

During their growth and flowering period, most of our plants and bulbs have similar water, light and temperature requirements, as described below.

  1. Pot plants should be kept at a constant and moderate temperature.
  2. Most plants like bright light but not direct sun.
  3. Foliage plants generally require bright but indirect light. Flowering plants generally need direct sunlight.
  4. Water regularly. Compost should be moist but not soggy. Plants should either be watered directly into the top of the pot or by immersing the pot into water.
  5. Pot plants require the right level of humidity: In centrally heated rooms the leaves may dry out so mist the plant with water spray regularly.
  6. Place your plant where there is a mild circulation of fresh air but avoid a direct draft. Never place near heat.

Special Plant Care

Please refer to the individual plant care links below for additional care instructions.