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Rose Care


At Post-a-Rose most of our roses are sent whilst in early bloom, as this prevents the damage and extensive bruising that is often experienced in our competitors bouquets. You then have the added pleasure of watching them blossom and this way, you get the longest-lasting roses and the maximum enjoyment from every order.

Like most things in life, fresh Roses are available in several different grades, which are based on specific industry standards for stem length and quality. At Post-a-Rose, we only sell the highest grade Roses.

Regardless of your selection, you simply will not find fresher, more spectacular roses anywhere.

All our roses are placed straight into Chrysal treated water from the moment that they are picked. This makes the rose believe that it is still actually on the bush. Its perfect condition can then be maintained right through until you put the rose into your vase, ensuring the benefits of longer lasting blooms.

We also recommend that you follow these simple steps to guarantee longer lasting roses.

  1. Strip off the leaves below the vase water line.
  2. While holding the stem under water, diagonally cut (45 degree angle) 10mm off the bottom of each stem using a sharp knife.
  3. If roses have begun to dry out, place them up to their necks in water,
  4. Leave in a cool place and allow them to drink for 2-3 hours.
  5. Prepare a clean container and fill it with water, mixing with a sachet of rose conditioner supplied.
  6. Arrange in a deep vase allowing for plenty of stem in the water.
  7. Make sure the roses have an ample water supply daily by keeping the vase filled to the top. Never replace the water.
  8. Place the roses in a cool place overnight.
  9. Never place your roses in conditions of high temperature, draughts or direct sunlight.

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