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About our Products


Isle of Man Hampers is proud to be promoting some of the Isle of Man’s finest produce supplied by local companies who, like us, are family-run businesses dedicated to quality, reliability and customer service.

Local produce from the Isle of Man in our hampers includes:

  • Distinctively creamy cheeses matured for up to 14 months and made with milk produced by local dairy farms
  • Kippers oak-smoked the traditional way to ensure their unique flavour
  • Quality teas and coffees blended especially to suit the soft waters of the Isle of Man
  • Traditional handmade chocolates and truffles prepared using only the finest ingredients
  • A selection of traditionally brewed beers according to the Isle of Man pure brewing laws.
  • Pure Manx Honey

…and that celebrated souvenir confectionery, Manx Knobs!

Isle of Man Cheese

Situated on the outskirts of beautiful Douglas Bay, we are a co-operative of 57 Dairy Farmers known as the Isle of Man Creameries. Dedicated to producing quality cheeses that reflect the traditional skills and long culinary heritage of this enchanting island. All milk comes from local farms, where the lush green pastures and rolling landscapes of the island are ideal for the dairy cows. Add to this the care and attention of dedicated farmers and you've got healthy happy cows producing exceptional quality milk. It is this milk that makes the cheeses of the Isle of Man range so creamy and full of flavour.

Their skilled dairy masters produce six distinctive award-winning mature cheddar flavours - Garlic & Chive, Black Peppercorn, Oregano & Basil, Oak Smoked and recently introduced Roast Onion & Sage. All cheese is produced and packed on the island, to give you an unique taste experience.

For more information about our cheese, please visit or call on 01624 63 2000

Manx Kippers

Moore’s Traditional Curers are the home of Manx Kippers. Based in the historic fishing port ofPeel on the Isle of Man, Moore’s boast more than 100 years of experience of curing only the finest, freshest produce.

Tradition is the byword at Moore’s. Using the same time-honoured oak smoking techniqueemployed by their forefathers in the 19th century, all products are of the highest quality and positively brim with a unique flavour inimitable by modern smoking processes. Since 1882Manx kippers have been their specialty.

For more information about our Manx Kippers, please visit

Teas and Coffee

The teas and coffees included in our hampers and gift sets on this web site are products of Manx Pack Ltd, a family run business situated in the Isle of Man.

They specialise in producing a fine selection of quality teas and coffees that are enjoyed by people all over the world.

They import raw (green) coffee beans and only roast to order in their own roasting plant, so we can guarantee maximum freshness, taste and aroma from all our coffees.

They also carefully select African and Indian teas to produce the famous Patrick's Fairy Bridge - pure bright tea, full of flavour, truly a tasty refreshing cup of tea.

For more information about our Isle of Man Teas and Coffees, please

Handmade Chocolates

Roly's Handmade Chocolates are the finest handmade luxury chocolates made and supplied direct from the Isle of Man. Their chocolate Truffles made from the finest Belgian chocolate. They have a fresh cream Ganache filling with either a fruit or liqueur flavour.

For more information about our Handmade Chocolates, please visit

Premium Ale & Beer

All the Ales and Beers that included within our hampers are brewed on the Isle of Man according to the Manx Pure Beer Act – ensuring that nothing is added to our beers.

Bushy’s Premium Ale is a beautifully hoppy bitter beer, despite the predominant hop character, malt is also evident, fresh and clean tasting.

MacLir is a light coloured, refreshing but strong Wheat beer.

For more information about our Ales & Beers, please visit