Agapanthus   (Seasonal)
Also known as African Lily. This flower is long lasting with large striking flowers

Alchemilla  (Seasonal) 
Ideal as a filler, this common garden flower consists of a mass of small pastel green flowers. Also known as Lady's Mantle
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Sometimes called Peruvian Lily - this popular flower is long lasting and comes in a multitude of colours. Often bi-coloured.
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Amaryllis (Seasonal)
Often grown indoors from buld, these are large striking flowers with trumpet shaped blooms.

Ammi has the alternative name - Queen Anne's Lace. Idea as a filler with masses of tiny white flowers.

Anigozanthus (Seasonal)
Also called Kangaroo Paw because of it's unusual furry buds with tiny flowers. A modern flowers for contemporary arrangements

Exotic waxy looking flowers that are often heart shaped. Most common is red but also available is pink and white.
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Antirrhinum (Seasonal) 
Also known as Snapdragon. A common garden flower that now becoming popular as a cut flower.
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September or Michaelmas Daisy is a popular filler with daisy like flowers.

Available throughout the year, but not in all colours - Bouvardia has clusters of smaller tubular flowers.

Calla Lily  
The main types are Zantedeschia and Arum Lily. Available all year round, but not in all colours. Striking flowers with trumpet shaped blooms

Very popular value flower with a long vase life. Available in numerous colours.

This long lasting flower has two types; individual blooms or spray varieties. Many colours available.
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Cymbidium Orchid (Seasonal)  
A stunning flower, with a long vase life. Up to 12 flowers on each stem. Also available as a miniature
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Dendrobium orchid  
Commonly known as a Singapore Orchid. Long lasting blooms with several flowers on each stem. Most common in white or pink.
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Often called Sea Holly. Eryngium has blue thistle like flowers.
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Very popular flowers, often with a beautiful perfume.
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Large daisy like flowers. Also available as Germini, which small variety.
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Large and striking tropical flowers
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Gloriosa (Seasonal)
A dramatic flower with yellow edged cerise petals. Commonly known as Glory Lily

One of the most popular fillers. Numerous tiny white blooms on a stem.

Hydrangea (Seasonal) 
Stunning and huge flower heads that come in a range of colours including green, white, pink and blue. Also popular as a garden shrub.
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A very popular flower filler with attractive berries. Available in shades of red, pink and green. Also known as St John's Wort.
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Very popular flower, but has a very short vase life.

Leucadendron (Seasonal)  
Also called Safari Sunset. More foliage than a flower with deep burgundy leave and long straight stems.
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Lilac (Seasonal)
Strongly scented flowers, but more popular still as a shrub.

Available throughout the year in hundred of varieties and colours. Three main types are longiflorum, oriental and asiatic
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Popular filler in several colours, but can have an unpleasant smell. Also available as a dried flower.

Lisianthus (Seasonal)
Popular flower available as single and double. Comes in several colours including bi-colours. Flower open from tight swirling buds.

Moluccella (Seasonal)
Better known as Bells of Ireland - they have tall stems with a mass of bell shaped flowers.

These flowers have a fantastic vase life and are usually white. Also available in white, but less common.

Very popular cut flower that is associated with the english country garden.
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No description required. Available throughout the year in literally hundreds of different colours, shapes and sizes.
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Solidaster (Seasonal)
A great filler. A cross between Solidago and Aster.

Spray Carnation  
A branched version of the popular value flower with a long vase life. Available in numerous colours.

Better known as Bird of Paradise because of it's colours and shape. Unmistakable large tropical flower.
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Very popular value flower with a long vase life. Available in numerous colours.
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Sometimes known as Speedwell - these blooms flower at the tips. Available in Pink, Lilac, White and more.
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