Send peonies and let everyone know that Summer has arrived. The peony season only lasts between late April and early July, so get your peonies while you can.

Send Peonies with Post-a-Rose

Peonies are a real flower lovers favourite. These glorious peonies are a sign that summer has arrived. The season in which peonies are available is normally between late April and early July, but this can depend on the climate. Their short season only adds to the peonies allure. Peonies epitomise the warm days of early summer.

The peony flower, or peony rose as it is sometimes known, lives up to it's Chinese name (Sho Yo), which means 'Most Beautiful'. It is believe that peonies were first discovered in Mongolia and they have been in the British Isle for nearly 2000 years, when they were brought in by Roman legions.

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